complete solution
that incorporates new ideas

web design complete solution

QBS WEB is a complete solution that incorporates new ideas into designing and developing fun, innovative video games, applications, websites, and web-based systems for both individual end-users and companies, using technologies such as HTML5, iOS, and Android. QBS WEB focuses greatly on creativity and details that bring users new and enjoyable experience.

Apps and games

apps and games

QBS WEB offers a popular alternative of transferring information by designing and developing interactive applications and games that can be installed in various mobile devices, like Android, iphones, ipads and computers for both desktop users and the Internet. By using interesting games as a way of promotion or instructions, companies may achieve better market responses.



QBS offers solutions to companies that need construction and completion of their business websites, showcasing their products, services, and culture in an attractive way. With excellent expertise in computer science, QBS can provide the most customized services.

Web-based systems

web based system

QBS WEB designs and implements web-based systems for companies to facilitate effective communication, appropriate coordination, easy supervision, and smooth transactions among working staff. Professional Web-based team offers the most customized services, ranging from internal management system to booking and delivery system. For example, company may deal with many issues, like project discussions, meeting arrangements or even agreement sign-ups via the platform of QBS web-based system through a simple click of mouse by different end-users. Real-time responses can be generated automatically by the system to each party. This makes co-decisions from more than one part possible without face-to-face meetings and significantly raises work efficiency.