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What is RFID

What is RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a powerful information technology that entitles wireless non-contact data transformation via radio-frequency electromagnetic fields.

RFID Application Outstanding Award

As a pioneer in Hong Kong RFID field since 2004, QBS initiated and keeps dedicating to the development and application of RFID in various industries, from production, transportation, to retailing. For example, QBS cooperated with GS1 HK to construct the Hong Kong RFID application platform and invented the first compatible RFID middleware that won the “Hong Kong RFID Application Outstanding Award,ICT Awards Best Collaboration” issued by GS1 HK.

First Generation RFID Engineers


First Generation RFID Engineers
by Wal-mart

QBS RFID professional team consists of excellent engineers with expertise in project management, software development, and technical support and enthusiasm in offering high-quality customized services. The team was acknowledged as Hong Kong first generation RFID engineers by Wal-mart, the world’s biggest retailer, and obtained “RFID+” certificate issued by EPCglobal as recognition of strong contribution.

QConnect is a middleware worked between RFID Reader and computer system. It provides a centralized platform to configure, monitor and manage all kinds of RFID readers, antennas and RFID printers. As QConnect has followed EPCglobal standard, it is device independence, which means it can connect to RFID Reader regardless of their brand and model.

EPC records received from each connected readers are consolidated into live record by QConnect, QConnect can also convert these data into a standard format and push them to other RFID system, e.g. RFID Warehouse Management System. QConnect can help your RFID system become device independent.

RFID Middleware

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Companies may improve stock-check efficiency and accuracy and speed up stock-in/out process by installing RFID devices to check product quantities and locations and uploading this information to company ERP system.

QBox is a perfect solution to manufactures and retailers, especially those with various kinds of products and frequent stock-in/out transactions.

RFID Warehouse Management System

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Conducted by world’s biggest chain retailers—Wal-mart, JC Penny, Macy’s and EPCglobal, ILT standard, which requires the use of RFID in the process of material supply, is implemented in garment and apparel industry. ILT builds up a virtuous cycle for suppliers by keeping track of product quantities and warehouse entry records. It is a more convenient and accurate alternative compared with manpower check.

Item Level Tagging (ILT)

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9 AUGUST 2012

records guest movement among the venue, the conference room, buffet area and exhibition area. The display of the system is controlled by an iPad, guest can use it to scan their badge and read their movement history or to read a various statistics analysis.



greets everyone who walks in the conference hall. By integrating with the registration system, our system knows everyone and able to display different greeting information according to the type of guest, e.g. when he is a VIP, the system will show his photo on the greeting board.

HK RFID Awards

RFID Gold Awards

Gold Award

Best EPC / RFID Implementation
End-To-End Supply Chain RFID Item Level Tagging (ILT)
for Fashion Retail Industry
RFID Silver Awards

Silver Award

Most Innovative Use of EPC/RFID
End-To-End Supply Chain RFID Item Level Tagging (ILT)
for Fashion Retail Industry

Certificate of Merits

RFID Guardian System
for elderly home and long-term care facilities

Certificate of Merits

Best EPC / RFID Implementation
RFID solution of Item Level Tagging on
DBHK Retail Store Management

RFID Awards



HKICT Awards

ICT Awards

Silver Award

Best Collaboration (service)
Enterprise Solutions Superstore Alliance (ESSA)



SPEEDWAY® Revolution - Expanding Options, Reducing Costs

Native support for Sierra Wireless AirLink PinPoint XT and AirLink Raven XT cellular modems opens up new deployment and application models by enabling GSM or CDMA connectivity to the Internet through your preferred cellular carrier. Even with PoE operation, Speedway Revolution can deliver a full 30 dBm of transmit power and the highest read performance.
> 2 and 4 antenna port configurations
> Power over Ethernet (PoE) and cellular modem connectivity
> Industry's best sensitivity
> EPCglobal-compliant design



Autopilot Senses, Configures, Adapts - 24/7

Autoset continuously optimizes the reader’s configuration for the best, most reliable performance. The Speedway Revolution senses levels of RF noise and interference, automatically selecting the appropriate settings.
Low duty cycle reduces RF interference, power consumption, and energy costs.The Speedway Revolution only transmits when tags are in the field, helping to clear the air of unnecessary RF noise.
Dynamic antenna switching improves throughput and helps the reader work more efficiently. Speedway Revolution senses where tags are in the field and automatically focuses more time on the antennas with the largest tag populations in view.



Speedway® xPortal - Integrated Portal Reader

It incorporates the industry-leading Speedway Revolution reader and Impinj’s Dual-Linear Phased Array (DLPA) antenna technology, yielding the industry’s smallest, most flexible, and cost-effective RFID portal solution.
Designed for retail, office, hospital, and other indoor environments, this reader is ideal for monitoring tagged items, pallets, equipment, files, or people passing through doorways, hallways, or other zonal coverage areas. Impinj’s Speedway® xPortal™solves the size and mounting limitations of traditional portals with a light-weight, low-profile unit that is as attractive as it is effective.

Monza® 4
RFID tag


Impinj’s Monza® RFID 4 tag chips

The Monza 4 family of tag chips delivers unique privacy, performance, and memory benefits that address even the most challenging of RFID applications. Providing superior sensitivity combined with excellent interference rejection, support for omni-directional antennas , innovative privacy features, and expanded memory options, Monza 4 tag chips set a new standard in RFID.

User Memory

EPC Memory

Serialized TID True3D™ Antenna Technology QT® Memory Security
Monza 4D 32 up to 128 v v  
Monza 4E 128 up to 496 v v  
Monza 4QT 512 up to 128 v v v

Monza® 5
RFID tag


Impinj’s Monza® 5 RFID tag chips

Impinj’s new Monza® 5 tag chips enable unmatched read reliability and encoding performance to yield optimal RFID business results with low applied tag cost.
> up to 128 (bits) EPC Memory
> Serialized TID
> Monza Self-Serialization
With unique features that support fast authentication and facilitate the reading of difficult-to-reach tags, Monza 5 tag chips are the ideal solution for item-level tagging of apparel, electronics, cosmetics, and jewelry,or any other application that requires high-volume, high-performance, serial-numbered tags.



High performance, low cost antenna solution

The Brickyard reader antenna works well for tagged items on a variety of package types, making it an ideal choice for point of sale applications.

> Range: short(30-45 cm)
> Dimensions: 29.5 cm D x 6 cm
> Support Europe(865–868 MHz)
> Support USA(902–928 MHz)



Optimized for reading item-level tags packed in cases

The Guardwall reader antenna provides a tightly controlled read zone and intense RF field, critical to penetrating deep into packed cases traveling on conveyors or packing lines.

> Range: long (3 m) alone,shorter (variable) when used in pair
> Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 10 cm
> Support Europe(865–868 MHz)
> Support USA(902–928 MHz)



Near-field design penetrates liquids and most metals

With its diminutive size, the MatchBox reader antenna is ideally suited for embedded applications that require unobtrusive RFID capability with shortrange, well-defined read zones.

> Range: very short(<5 cm)
> Dimensions: 73 mm x 33 mm x 12 mm
> Support Broadband(860–960 MHz)



Broadband design to enable world-wide operation

The Mini-Guardrail monostatic antenna, specifically designed for demanding item-level performance, operates very effectively at 7.5 cm or less, with high reliability and a constrained read zone.

> Range: very short (7 cm)
> Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 2 cm
> Support Broadband(860–960 MHz)



Strong far-field performance

The threshold antenna initially designed for boundary crossing applications, the Threshold far field antenna, with its planar form factor, provides a consistent and continuous read zone when linearly distributed head-to-tail.

> Range: long(4 x 3 m)
> Dimensions: 46 x 9 x 2 cm
> Support Europe(865–868 MHz)
> Support USA(902–928 MHz)