industry challenge

Industry Challenge

  • Traditional marketing like banners and leaflets are advertising to the general public instead of a specific target customer group
  • Advertising that is too generic to public is not effective
  • To stimulate purchases, shopping malls need to deliver new shopping experience
  • Customer behavioral data is hard to collect: questionnaires, survey, phone interviews are overwhelming
solution features

Solution Feature

  • QBS LBS (Location-Based Solution) is the ultimate indoor location tracking solution
  • Location tracking accuracy up to 10 times more than traditional GPS technology
  • LBS is fully compatible with the smart personal devices like iOS and Android mobiles
  • LBS can deliver new shopping experience by giving a brand new way of promotion
  • QBS LBS is a easy-to-learn mobile application with real-time interactive information, like instructions, games, news and discounts

location guide

Location Guide

Walking inside a LBS-enabled shopping mall, shoppers can easily find their way to the target retail shop using their smart devices.

Shoppers can obtain the specific information regarding the retail shops by searching their target category of products or services. For example, LBS will assist to tell you the place for buying ladies fashion or gifts for children.

Not only provides convenience to the shoppers, LBS also helps attract customers from the perspective of the retailers. It enables the retailers to reach the potential customers within the zone and encourage them to visit which worth a great deal of sales.
advertising campaign

Specific Advertising Campaigns

Shopper activities, shopping preferences, and location data can be tracked by LBS Technology to estimate customer shopping and buying behaviors.

With better estimation of these behaviors, LBS gets its advantages on helping marketers to organize advertising campaigns to target specific audiences.

The advertising campaigns can be easily planned with the data of the customers obtained using LBS technology in which sales promotional messages can be delivered to the targeted customers.
event trigger

Event Trigger

In overseas supermarkets, there are sudden promotional events like “sushi is getting a special discount in the next 15 minutes”, then the crowd will rush to the sushi zone to enjoy this big offer.

Using LBS technology, supermarkets, shops or even shopping malls can trigger special events to every shopper inside, by informing the crowd through their mobile devices. Through the application of LBS, it is able to tip off the shoppers to hot or limited-time special offers.